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General introduction
The engine assembly to be used in Accord cars is now available in 3 models—K20A7 (2.0L), K24A4 (2.4L) and J30A4 (3.0L) and employs the i-VTEC and VTEC techniques, solving the problem of realizing high output power, low oil consumption and low emission at a time. Among the like at home, it has a larger power per liter and torque per liter, realizes better power behavior, economical efficiency and emission behavior.

By using the VTEC/i-VTEC technique, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system (for some products only), positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system and fuel evaporation (EVAP) system and efficient three-way catalytic converter, with the oxygen sensor and electric control system forming a closed loop emission control system, the engines of this series feature excellent emission behavior, their emission indicators meet the GB18352.2-2001 standard, and their actual emission level is equivalent to the Europe III emission standard.

The cylinder and cylinder cover of the engines of this series are made of aluminum alloy, reducing the overall weight and greatly improving the economical efficiency of the whole car.
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