Scope of Business
Within the new car-making project formed together with GHAC, DHEC is mainly engaged in providing contractual products including car-use engine assemblies  and related spare parts. Meanwhile, DHEC supplies components and parts including cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and constant velocity joint used on CR-V  and JAZZ to Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. (DHAC) & Honda Automobile (China) Limited . At the end of 2005, DHEC successfully realized exportation of engine parts to Japan and Thailand.
The expansion project formally commenced in November 2004 to pick up an additional annual output of 120,000 engines will bring state-of-the-art facilities and production lines of global standards to the current plant area and will increase DHEC’s yearly manufacturing capacity to 360,000 engine assemblies and over 480,000 sets of spare parts. 
The introduction of new technologies and projects and the expansion into new markets have provided broader space for DHEC to strengthen its corporate viabilities and international competitiveness.
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